Sunday, September 15, 2013

More mesh cross-posts

I am a visual person, so I built a quick diagram of how I visualize a mesh deployment. I have most of these parts already, with the notable exception of the two additional routers, three additional cameras, and additional ATAs.

 What does everyone think of this with specific regards to EmComm?

One of the goals of this layout is to allow Incident Commanders, etc, to be able to communicate with disparate agencies via multiple radio systems on multiple frequencies on multiple bands all from any corded or cordless phone.  Additionally the option exists to listen to the police/fire/etc scanner from anywhere as well.

Scalability is an core design goal with this architecture with the only limiting factor in theory being the ability of the mesh to scale to lots of node.  In theory it will scale to >2000 nodes, but in practice I would be happy to see 500 supported (not that there will ever be a full mesh that size).  In the current deployment another limiting factor is the Raspberry Pi that I am using for the voice server.  If this were to grow much beyond the size above a larger voice server would be needed.


Richard, KK4JDO

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  1. I think it would be awesome to have a mesh scaled to more than 2000 nodes. I am currently in florida and I would love to get a mesh setup myself. I had an idea that would be awesome but difficult to create. Imagine making a mesh network that could ride the coast going hundreds of miles. Going either from Newark to Miami following rt 95 or from about Miami taking rt 75 to rt10 going all the way to Texas or both. This could also be a start if wanted people could expand this and take It further. there may be difficulties with this like loss and using residential equipment to go so far but it is an awesome concept.