Monday, June 11, 2012

And another antenna!

Alright, this is almost the last one for now, I promise.  I needed something to get better reception on my little handheld Wouxun HT, but didn't feel like spending $25 or so for one from the local ham store (referred to by other hams as the Candy Store).  My solution was to build a roll-up j-pole antenna out of left-over twinlead from my dipole.  Again, before I was not able to use my HT from home as the repeater is clear across town from where I live, and 5W wasn't going to cut it with the little rubber-duck that came with the HT.

My Parts List:

  • 6' of 300-Ohm twinlead
  • 10' of RG-58 coax with a PL-259
  • 1 PL-259 to Reverse-SMA adapter (had to buy this one, too much of a pain to make it)

Time to Completion:

  • 30 minutes or so

Here is a pic:

So admittedly I need a better pic of this one.  I'll work on that...


Richard, KK4JDO

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