Friday, October 4, 2013

Through the ether...errr....looking glass

Been suffering from the mother of all colds for the last seven days.  Finally feel up to posting anything.

I was working a little PSK31 at QRP power levels the other day, and was rewarded with an email containing a screenshot of my signal.  This is from Michael, CK3NOO, who has quite the interesting website here.  I love getting screenshots of my signal back during a QSO.  It is final proof that I have everything set up right and that I'm not splattering as you see some folks do.

It is really easy to get a screenshot if you are using DM780, all you need to do it hit Atl+PrntScrn and DM780 will save a copy of your screen to a "DigitalMaster780" folder under "My Pictures".

A few weeks before that I was tinkering around on SSTV during the Sunday night Reddit net.  One of the people on the net (I think it was Jeff, NT1K) was kind enough to post the image that I had sent via HF.

I'm not much into SSTV, but it was neat to be able to send this to him sans internet connection, and extra interesting to get to see it as he saw it.  Here is the original as I sent it (before adding callsign):

You can see that HF wasn't kind to it.  Someone else on that net received it in almost original condition and posted that, but it appears that I have lost that one.

Well, that's it for this post.  Time for more meds and sleep.


Richard, KK4JDO

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